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Our repetitive daily life activities take a toll on our bodies. From sitting at a desk 8-10 hours a day to carrying a 40 pound toddler around, to extreme yoga sculpt workouts in the evenings - we are putting our muscles in a constant state of contraction and compensation that is slowly pulling our spine out of alignment on a daily basis.

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Chiropractic for pregnancy

A pregnant body changes so dramatically that sciatic pain and round ligament pain can quickly add to the discomfort a mama feels, making her days exhausting and her nights sleepless. The Webster Technique helps alleviate sciatic and round ligament discomfort, creates balance in the pelvis, and reduces pressure on the muscles and ligaments to allow for optimal space for your growing baby.

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Craniosacral for breastfeeding

This gentle light-touch technique benefits people of all ages by calming down the nervous system. When the nervous system is calm, our bodies can naturally relieve stress. This can lead to a decrease in the intensity of headaches, improved latching in newborns and improved attentiveness in children with ADD/ADHD. adfdsadadadfaas

Chiropractic for Dancers

People underestimate the insane athleticism needed to make dance look flawless. In order to perform, a dancer must have ample hip and pelvic movement, as well as needing their muscles to fire quickly. Due to hypermobile ligaments in most dancers, many chiropractors have a difficult time working with them. Not US! We SPECIALIZE in it!



Do you feel overwhelmed with your day-to-day activities? Most of us today are over-committed and over-stressed living in a constant state of rushing. In order to keep yourself healthy and your family functioning, YOU need to take some time to decompress and reset. That’s where we come IN! Leave your stress to the professionals and give Reiki a try!



Do you feel run down, fatigued or been dealing with chronic health issues most of your life? Or are you having trouble getting pregnant and want a less invasive option to concieve? In our fast paced lives our health tends to take a backseat to convenience and is affecting how our bodies function on a daily basis.


physical therapy

Many of us become frustrated when our ability to perform, either in our daily activities or in athletic competition, is affected because our bodies won't function as desired. Restoring proper movement and decreasing areas of muscle tightness and tension are important for optimal physical performance at any level, as well as to prevent future injuries from occurring.

orthopedic massage therapy

Orthopedic massage is a medically oriented form of massage that encompasses a variety of massage techniques that aretailored to address your specific needs and goals. This comprehensive style of massage provides a highly effective treatment geared towards long-term results. asdfdfadsf