Dr. Bethanie Mellum

DC | Chiropractor

Dr. Bethanie Mellum

Dr. Bethanie is passionate about whole-body health. Her journey to chiropractic
began when she sought alternative treatment for anxiety and depression. After
learning about the importance of the brain-body connection and implementing
chiropractic care into her weekly routine, she saw dramatic improvements in her
mental health. It was at this point that she knew she wanted to help others with
similar concerns and decided to attend chiropractic school.

She received her doctoral training at Northwestern Health Sciences University
where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. During her time here, she also received
multiple certificates and additional training in specialty areas that help diversify her
service offerings to better treat you and your family. These include the Webster
Technique, Craniosacral Therapy, Nutrition, Acupuncture, Graston, and Activator

Her approach to chiropractic care is compassionate, creative, and always done with excellence. Dr. Bethanie enjoys working with children, young adults, and families to
equip the individual needs of their bodies with the ability to better handle the
stresses of everyday life. This includes helping kiddos handle and regulate BIG
emotions, assisting mamas through a comfortable pregnancy, and working with
individuals to alleviate their everyday aches and pains. It’s imperative to her that you
leave every appointment feeling heard, understood, and empowered in your
healing journey!

Dr. Bethanie looks forward to serving the Wayzata community through chiropractic
care and she can’t wait to meet you!

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