In Sanskrit means "knowledge"

our story

These days it seems like some clinics are trying to squeeze in as many appointments as possible in a day, sometimes spending only a few minutes with each patient. This is where Vaida is passionately different.

For Dr. Lydia, being a good practitioner requires dedicated time with each patient to really listen and understand your needs. This is why she set out to create a boutique wellness center that gives each of you the time you deserve.

In addition to quality time, it was also important to Dr. Lydia to create a collaborative group of practitioners from various disicplines who are willing to work together to find the right treatment for each patient's health care concern. All of the pracitioners at Vaida are well versed in their practices and can recognize if another treatment option would be benefical to your care. If so, we are willing to refer you to the appropriate place to get the results you deserve.

Overall, the practitioners at Vaida focus on each patient’s individual needs and goals - from decreasing pregnancy related sciatic pain, to improving latching in an infant, to helping an athlete recover from a pulled hamstring or decreasing stress in a busy mom’s everyday life; we are here to help!


vaida's core values

Deliver knowledgeable service

Be respectful

Build open and honest communication

Be humble

Build a positive team and family spirit

Be passionate and determined

Embrace hard work

Pursue growth and learning

Be adventurous, creative and open-minded

Have balance in life