“Truly Amazing Chiropractor”

Dr. Lydia is a truly amazing chiropractor. I have been treated by a number of chiropractors throughout my life and nothing compares to the way I physically feel after from her! The headaches, tightness in my back, and limited range of motion in my neck are immediately improved. In addition, she was absolutely incredible with my kids as well! They get nervous when other clinicians have adjusted them but her kind demeanor and gentle approach won them over instantly. Thank you Dr. Lydia for being a fabulous part of our wellness team!



“Attentive and Thorough”

Our family began seeing Dr. Lydia when our boys were 2 and 5. They were immediately drawn to her warm, bubbly and patient personality. They often argue over whom gets to get on the table first.

She has helped us with not only with musculoskeletal issues, but ear infections, cough and cold and overall emotional stability. She is always attentive and thorough and we have always left her office feeling better than when we arrived.



“Holistic Approach”

I began seeing Dr. Lydia as a dancer with the Timberwolves organization. When I started my Timberwolves season, I had a chiropractor that I had been seeing elsewhere. After my first meeting with Dr. Lydia, I have not been back to my prior chiropractor! Dr. Lydia is an extremely talented chiropractor, who has given me so much more information about my body than I have learned elsewhere.

Dr. Lydia takes a holistic approach to chiropractic care. She focuses on the overall wellness of her clients, and offers so much more than simply the alignment of your musculoskeletal system. I think this is what impresses me the most about her care. When I have digestive issues, body aches, or muscles that won’t heal, Dr. Lydia looks beyond chiropractic to address my nutrient intake. She is able to recommend nutritional supplements or essential oil treatment, as needed. I appreciate and value her knowledge of the body and her all-natural approach to wellness. My body has never felt better, even while participating in the rigorous training and dancing with the Timberwolves Dancers, thanks to Dr. Lydia!