Chiropractic is a health care profession that focuses on the relationship between the body’s structure (mainly the spine and other joints) and function (as coordinated by the nervous system). Dr. Lydia utilizes a variety of techniques to restore proper alignment of the spine (or other joints), taking pressure of the nervous system and allowing the body to heal.

Restoring proper alignment can reduce symptoms such as neck pain, back pain and headaches. It can help to boost the body’s immune system and allow the body to recover from injuries quicker.

What to expect

During the initial visit, Dr. Lydia will take a health history and perform a physical examination. Other tests or examinations, such as x-rays may be warranted at that time. If chiropractic treatment is considered appropriate, a treatment plan will be developed.

During follow-up visits, Dr. Lydia will perform adjustments to the areas of misalignment (subluxation) discussed in the initial examination. The goal is to increase the range and quality of motion and decrease symptoms in the area being treated. Dr. Lydia may also use other forms of treatment to aid in your care. These could include:

Heat and Ice
Electrical Stimulation
Rehabilitative exercises
Dietary supplements