What's in a Name?

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?
- William Shakespeare. 

Last year when I had to sit down and think about a name for my new clinic I tossed around many ideas. I thought of using different languages for words meaning health, wellness, vitality, etc.

Nothing was really resonating with me. It seemed like all names I’ve heard before and I knew I wanted to be different.

After days of back and forth I decided to take a break from the decision making.

That evening my husband brought a book home that he was discussing at work. The book was Strength Finders. I found this very interesting as I love assessment type books! Reading through his results I thought his strengths were very accurate to the areas in life he excels at.

I wanted to find out mine!

My test results revealed my top 5 strengths were - Learner, Achiever, Empathy, Consistency and Harmony.

I found these to be fairly accurate as I love learning and academics has always been a priority for me. I also have been fairly in touch with others emotions and want to help out - probably why I am in a service profession.

After contemplating my results and reading the descriptions it dawned on me. I crave knowledge and frankly I want to continue to grow and excel at my profession. With that intellect I hope then that I can provide the best service I can for my clients. 

I also knew I wanted other practitioners within my practice who were highly skilled at their disciplines that would elevate the office as a whole and what we can provide to our clients and community. 

I went back to the proverbial drawing board and began researching words that meant “knowledge or intelligence” and that is when I stumbled upon - - - Vaida.

Vaida in Sanskrit means “knowledge”

Lightbulb moment!

Not only did I like the name, but it was short, looked beautiful written, and a name I felt like I could represent well.

The concept of Vaida Wellness Center was born.

Since opening in March of 2016 we have been able to bring on some extremely intelligent practitioners. I feel so grateful to be surrounded with talented women who embrace the meaning of Vaida and what it stands for!

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In health and happiness,

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