Chiropractic Services

We are in-network with most major medical insurance carriers. We recommend you check with your specific plan to understand coverage and patient responsibility. Not all apsects of treatment may be covered. For those that we are out-of-network for, we are more than happy to provide you with appropriate documentation for you to submit to insurance on your own for potential coverage.



Our repetitive daily life activities take a toll on our bodies. From sitting at a desk 8-10 hours a day to carrying a 40 pound toddler around, to extreme yoga sculpt workouts in the evenings - we are putting our muscles in a constant state of contraction and compensation that is slowly pulling our spine out of alignment on a daily basis.



Children are so resilient! But what if that resiliency contributes to chronic problems as an adult? We have all witnessed an infant just starting to walk, after a few steps plummets to their bottom; or a toddler running too fast and toppling down the stairs. Yes, for 5 minutes it seems like the world will end, but then the kids are back to running around enjoying life. Why is this? Children's bodies adapt quickly to change and they develop compensations patterns as a result - reducing the lingering pain. Think about it....if you did those things as an adult, you would be hurting for a week!



A pregnant body changes so dramatically that sciatic pain and round ligament pain can quickly add to the discomfort a mama feels, making her days exhausting and her nights sleepless. The Webster Technique helps alleviate sciatic and round ligament discomfort, creates balance in the pelvis, and reduces pressure on the muscles and ligaments to allow for optimal space for your growing baby.



People underestimate the insane athleticism needed to make dance look flawless. In order to perform, a dancer must have ample hip and pelvic movement, as well as needing their muscles to fire quickly. Due to hypermobile ligaments in most dancers, many chiropractors have a difficult time working with them. Not US! We SPECIALIZE in it!


Craniosacral for Breastfeeding

Pain for mother with nursing, gumming or chewing at the breast, top or bottom lip of infant curling under - may be signs of a lip and/or tongue tie in a newborn. Many of these newborn parents will opt for a revision from a pediatric dentist. Having proper pre- and post-revision care is vital for maintaining a proper latch and preventing reattachment. Dr. Lydia will look at cranial, jaw, and tongue movement to help determine what is best for your little one!