The Scoop on Poop and Getting Regular Chiropractic Adjustments

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Treating infant and toddler constipation and digestive issues can be very stressful for little ones and their parents. As caregivers, we want to alleviate pain and discomfort ideally without medications.

Chiropractic adjustments are non-invasive and require light adjustments to a wee one’s spine and neck to relieve pressure on pinched or shifted nerves. 

These nerves carry signals and information from the brain throughout the body and those signals keep things moving smoothly and ensure that all organs operate as they should. When a signal becomes blocked problems can arise, including digestive issues and constipation.

Pooping Should Be Occurring Often

Infants and children should be experiencing 1-2 bowel movements per day with breastfed babies having fewer. If they are not having them regularly, painful gas builds resulting in cramping, and general fussiness often ensues.  We all can sympathize with how being backed up causes that awful feeling.

Through careful and targeted movements, Dr. Lydia and Dr. Emily are able to help an infant restore normal spinal functions and open up the pathways for proper nervous system function. This allows the brain’s messages to get through to the stomach and intestines again and for normal bodily functions to be restored.

Gentle and Subtle Chiropractic Adjustments

Newborn and infant chiropractic care consists of very gentle and subtle movements that resemble stretching and massage more than abrupt adjustment or shifting.

ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) conducts many research studies yearly on chiropractic pediatric care and constipation. Here are just one of many research studies on constipation resolution in an infant.

The Vaida Wellness Perspective

At Vaida Wellness we take the time to dig deep to figure out just what may be causing your little one’s constipation whether it is spinal misalignment, diet-induced, or a combination of both. We want to make sure we are supporting the whole system and all of its varying functions that can affect one another.

We often recommend specific at-home abdominal massage, probiotics, diet changes or essential oils to help additionally provide parents with resources.  A specialized plan for your little one can be suggested to make sure that we can help them get regular and keep them that way with our hope to see changes over 4-6 visits.

So be sure to schedule your infant or baby’s chiropractic care both preventively as well as when there are acute concerns.   We are thrilled when our little patients let loose around us and end up feeling so much better.

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