Summer Does A Body Good

summer activity

Though a healthy lifestyle is recommended year-round, there is no question that the summer season makes it much easier to move your body in a variety of ways. 

The summer months tend to be full of events, get-togethers, vacations, and other fun occasions where you have the opportunity to try out and experience new environments which might give you the reason to find and foster the love of a new favorite activity.

Take Advantage of Longer Days

With the sun rising early and setting late, there are plenty of daytime hours to schedule some self-care and bodily movement.  Taking a regular walk or a jog around your neighborhood, in a local park, down a wooded trail, or following a winding road is simple and easy.  

Start your day with some yoga, Pilates, or general stretching in front of a sunny window, or from your favorite outdoor perch.  

Foam Rollers Are Great Resources For Tight Muscles 

If you find yourself with some tightness that requires extra attention, take 10-15 minutes daily and use a foam roller to give some necessary TLC to those areas. Dr. Lydia has some instructional YouTube videos about how to properly use foam rollers on your midback and low back/hip regions.  Foam rollers travel well on road trips so be sure to bring yours.

Virtual Classes or the Great Outdoors, Options Abound

Dr. Emily enjoys the Melissa Wood Health muscle toning and body weight exercises and Dr. Lydia is a regular participant of Barre3.  Both of those websites offer virtual classes.

June, July, and August are perfect months to paddleboard, swim, kayak, waterski, bicycle, or go for a hike, although any movement counts towards a daily goal including washing the car, gardening, mowing the lawn, yard games and pushing a stroller which all contribute cumulatively to developing a stronger and healthier body.

Be Sure to Schedule Your Chiropractic Adjustments

Getting regular chiropractic adjustments supports the body’s ability to handle all of the additional activities asked of it during the summer months.  Long car rides, sleeping in a different bed when at the cabin or traveling, and carrying luggage can all contribute to building areas of tension. 

Chiro tip:  If you can, bring your own pillow with you when you travel.

It is easy to forgo adjustments with busy summertime schedules but it is vital to continue to get yourself into Vaida Wellness to see Dr. Lydia and Dr. Emily so that you are less likely to be sidelined by injuries, pain or discomfort.


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