Take Care of Yourself This Winter


During the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it is easy for our emotional and physical well-being to take a backseat while we are all busy giving our energy to others. Without much awareness, we can become drained and fatigued, which can diminish our immunity and thus make us more susceptible to illness.

Self-care is essential year-round, but during the holidays and longer (darker, colder) winter months, especially here in Minnesota, self-care and supportive supplementation are vital.  Maintaining a sense of balance with your body, mind, and soul can help keep your “tank” full. 

The act of self-care has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, promote sounder sleep and boost positive moods. Self-care is not about self-indulgence but about making yourself a priority.

Tips for Self-Care Practices

There are many ways to incorporate self-care into your daily or weekly routine.  

  1. Schedule time for self-care

Scheduling some time during the day for self-care is a great way to ensure that you take those much-needed pauses, even if only to take a quick walk, refill your water bottle, heat up some tea, stretch, or take some deep breaths.  

Enter those breaks into your calendar so that they actually happen.  Set a reminder on your phone.  Time escapes and even the most well-intentioned of us can easily get caught up in our tasks and then forgo those mental and physical resets.

  1. Start a regular weekly or monthly routine you enjoy doing. 
  • Schedule a lunch or coffee with a friend.
  • Take a bubble bath 
  • Choose a new book to read or listen to each month.
  • Start a gratitude journal 
  • Call a friend 
  • Find a new place to walk (indoors or outside)
  • Take a class and learn something new
  • Try a new recipe
  1. Get moving

Exercise, of any kind releases endorphins, which are beneficial in many ways.  Find ways to move your body and get those steps in.  Gentle stretches, walking meditation or Tai Chi movements are wonderful for those individuals who want to do something to get the blood moving for shorter bouts of exercise.

  1. Revel in the great outdoors

Yes, we know, it’s winter in MN.  Bundle up and get outdoors for a brisk walk, or find a trail to snowshoe or cross-country ski on.  Being outside during the winter is good for your body (the science says so) and the sunlight, even weaker winter sun, can help regulate circadian rhythms.  Fresh air can do wonders for mood and alertness.

The Season of “ICK” and How Supplementation Can Help

As we approach the winter season, we inevitably are spending more time indoors, so bolstering your immune system can help provide a layer of protection to shield you from certain illnesses.  Supplementation is one of the most important self-care practices you can commit to.

The easiest way to boost your immune system is by consuming the right kind of nutrients. While food is the best way to ingest these nutrients, supplements are a steady second. Here is a list of some supplements that are known to support your immunity:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc
  • B Vitamins
  • Elderberry
  • Echinacea

Many of the above are available for purchase at Vaida Wellness.  We also carry Congaplex, which can be taken when you first feel an illness taking root.

Chiropractic Care as One Element of Self-Care

Routine chiropractic care is essential during all seasons, especially during cold winter months, to keep your body running at its most optimal level. Chiropractic adjustments promote communication from your brain to the rest of your body by decreasing nerve interference caused by spinal restriction. 

We encourage our patients to come in and treat themselves to the self-care of an adjustment with Dr. Lydia at least once a month to regulate their nervous system.  The quicker your body can respond to external threats, the easier your immune system can eliminate them.

Be sure to schedule regular appointments at Vaida for your self-care as we wrap up 2023 and forge ahead into 2024.

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