To Belt Or Not To Belt?


So what exactly is a maternity belt and why should you wear one during pregnancy?

Up to 75% of women have back pain during pregnancy.  There are several reasons that cause this to happen.

The first is that as your belly grows the natural curve in your low back will increase. This is necessary to accommodate for your growing baby but can also cause muscle lengthening and even strain which can be painful.

A second reason is that as the uterus grows to support a baby your center of gravity shifts forward.  This increases the pressure on your low back, which again may cause discomfort.

The last reason is because your body releases a hormone called Relaxin during pregnancy. This allows the ligaments and tendons to loosen and get longer preparing the body for delivery.  But with this increased laxity also comes instability which can be a source of low back pain.

This is where a maternity belt comes into play!

A maternity belt can relieve back pain by transferring the weight of the abdomen back to the spine where the body natural carries it.  Also, a maternity belt can support and lift the lower abdominal wall to relieve stress on muscles and ligaments, reduce pressure on the pelvis, improve circulation and even take stress off the sciatic nerve. Lastly, it will prevent the distortion of the lumbar curve. 

There are many different varieties of belts offered that are great quality. Here at Vaida Wellness Center we use the Mother-To-Be brand.  The abdominal support pad rests under your abdomen and the Velcro can be adjusted to support a growing belly. Sizing correlates with your dress size prior to getting pregnant and it easily can be worn underneath your clothes!

Wearing a maternity belt and getting regular check-ups on your spinal alignment can make dealing with low back pain during pregnancy so much easier.

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