Healthier Household Products

healthier household products

Take a look around your home. Do you know what’s in your household goods and products? More and more research is proving that chemicals that are found in common everyday products, including cleaning products, plastics, cookware, and furniture can be detrimental to your health and well-being. Even those items with low levels of chemicals can harm you especially if that exposure is routine.  Becoming aware of potentially harmful substances and clearing them out of your home then swapping to healthier household products can help mitigate your family’s toxic load and keep you all in a healthier state.  

Young children and babies are most vulnerable to chemicals. That is because their bodies and brains are developing rapidly. Kids can be exposed to unfavorable toxins from normal childhood behaviors, like playing on the floor and putting their toys or hands in their mouths so what you clean your home with, what you eat and what personal care products you use can all make a significant difference in limiting regular exposure.

Safer Cleaning and Laundry Alternatives

Reading product labels, learning about ingredients and side effects and making informed decisions is a good first step.   There are also some wonderful alternatives to everyday home products that you can use to replace more traditional items to lower your household’s risk of experiencing toxic overload.

Cleaning and laundry are two areas that every home contends with.   There are many organic and natural cleaning products to choose from.  Even with items labeled as “natural” you should still be sure to know what is in them before you make a purchase.

At Vaida Wellness we are big fans of Branch Basics, a plant and mineral based product line made of concentrates that you mix with water.  They are Made Safe certified which ensures that a product is free of over 5000+ toxic chemicals known to be harmful to humans. These cleaning products work well, don’t leave a residue and are safe to use in all areas of your home.

For your laundry, consider swapping out dryer sheets and fabric softeners and use wool dryer balls instead.  Standard dryer sheets are chock full of nasty things and those sheets are created to cling to clothes so the chemicals attach and linger on apparel which then rest directly next to your skin.  This article by Grove Collective shares the benefits of using dryer balls and lists the dangers that dryer sheets pose.

Time to Swap Plastic Bags for Stasher Bags

Wondering what stasher bags are?  We know they aren’t as commonplace as the good old Ziploc but they are far healthier to use and are so much better for the environment and for humans.  They are made of food grade silicone, come in many shapes and sizes and best of all they are reusable.  With Earth Day occurring during the month of April, you should give stasher bags a try in your home and retire plastic bags which are full of phthalates, BPS, BVP, and PVC.

Chiropractic Adjustments Can Help the Body Reduce Its Toxic Load

Getting regular chiropractic adjustments supports the body’s natural detox pathways which is essential for offsetting any toxic load, especially in our modern world of exposure to so many synthetic chemicals.

The spine houses thirty-one different areas of nerves that are responsible for everything that goes on in your body. Proper spinal alignment is vital for healthy and accurate nerve communication, which can affect everything from your digestion to cognitive function and toxin release.

So be sure to consider adding healthier product alternatives to your home’s cleaning, laundry and food storage inventory and get in to see Dr. Lydia or Dr. Emily for an adjustment and keep yourself in balance.  It does a body good.

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